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(Announcement of December 19, 2008)

Ho Ho Ho from the Caro Desert!

We would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season, and a prosperous 2009. May you make all your plans come to fruition, and may all your plants flourish in the New Year. OK, now for some plant talk. We have a few topics to touch on. eBay Sales – Please keep an eye out for plants we are offering on eBay. Starting January 6th we will resume selling some nice plants on eBay. If you want to check for our plants, our seller name is “heatherscards”. (Why that name? Long story… for another day.) Grand Opening of The Caro Desert Nursery – We will have an exact date soon, but it’s going to be in early spring 2009.We plan on making it worth your while if you decide to attend. Specially priced plants, yummy snacks, soft drinks, door prizes and a few other surprises.

New Web Site – We’re working on it now. It will have plenty of photos of the plants we will offer on the web. Some plants will only be available on the web site. There will be web-only specials too. We will feature ecommerce, so you can order beautiful plants from the comfort of your cozy easy chair! We’ll ship them to you promptly. Stay tuned for an announcement soon.

Auction #2 – We are in the process of selecting the plants that will be sold for the 2nd huge auction of show quality and specimen quality plants. We know it will be held in spring, and it will be at The Caro Desert Nursery. We will be accepting bids from people who can’t make it to the live auction, just like last time. Please be patient. It will be worth the wait, I assure you.

Auction #3 – We are planning it already. It will feature more succulent plants than the 1st two auctions did. Tell your friends who love awesome succulents. Large caudexes galore!

Potters Sale – This is a long-standing tradition that we are keeping going. In spring 2009, we will have some of the most talented potters out to the nursery with their most exquisite creations selling their pots to all who attend. If you want to see pots from more potters than you would see in 5 cactus & succulent sales, and if you want to find that special pot for that special plant you have (you are welcome to bring your plant to be sure the pot selection is perfect!), and if you want to spend a few hours with other people who share the passion of beautiful plants beautifully staged, plan to attend. It will be held at The Caro Desert Nursery.
OK, that’s it for now.

Your pals at,

The Caro Desert Nursery


(Announcement of October 21, 2008)

Auction #1 is Done!

Thanks to all those who attended the live auction, and those who “e-bid”. Also, a big thanks to Woody Minnich who was the promoter and auctioneer!

We believe the auction went really well. Many people have reported getting excellent quality plants at reasonable prices. Everybody has been very happy with the quality of the plants.

One plant didn’t sell, that was #73. (We were very embarrassed for it.)

The most frequently asked question we get these days is “When will you post photos of Auction #2?” We plan on starting to photograph and post photos in mid to late January 2009.


(Announcement of October 5, 2008)

See the New Plant List & Photos!

With the 1st auction only a few days away, we have focused on finally completing the Auction #1 Page and the Plant List. With the exception of Plant #97 Gymno acccoragatum, it’s all complete! (I know the plant is in one of the greenhouses. I just couldn’t find it. So, rather than wait, I’m posting what’s done, and that’s 99 out of 100 plants.)

Please take the time to look at the photos and read the descriptions, since many of them have changed.

Happy bidding!


(Announcement of October 5, 2008)

Frequently Asked Questions

As you might imagine, we are getting lots of questions from cactus & succulent lovers all over. Here are a few. Maybe they will help you too. Feel free to send us any questions you might have. Just go to the Contact Us Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the auction?
The auction will be held at 5344 Greenmeadows Rd. Long Beach, CA 90808. If you decide to come, and get lost, call either of these two cell phone numbers:
Rene 970-247-9242 or Woody 661-406-9816.

Will you ship to international addresses?
We will be happy to. Here are the conditions under which we will do so. Please read the following closely to be sure you are comfortable with all the terms & conditions before bidding.

  1. We will not be applying nor obtaining permits to ship cactus plants out of the USA. The process can take several months, piles of forms and documents to fill out, and many hours invested in doing so. We are unequipped to do that.
  2. We will ship using the carrier of your choice, like UPS, Fed Ex or US Priority Mail. The buyer will assume all shipping costs, plus $18 for packaging and handling.
  3. The plants will go out uninsured since any insurance would be invalid when the carrier discovered the contents were actually live plants.
  4. In the shipping documents, we will specify that the contents are “garden ornaments.”
  5. We can not be responsible for plants confiscated by customs.
  6. We can not be responsible for plants damaged in shipping. We will package them with lots of padding, and will deliver them to the carrier on the same day they are packaged.
  7. We will ship international packages promptly upon all funds clearing and in our bank account.
  8. All international payments must be in US Dollars.
  9. All other terms & conditions of the auction will also apply.


What time will Auction #1 begin?
The auction itself starts at 11:00 a.m. Plants are available for viewing at 9:30 a.m. The auction date is Saturday, October 11th, 2008.

Why are you selling your beautiful plants?
We need the money and we need the space. We’ve enjoyed growing them, and getting them to this stage. It’s time to let someone else enjoy them.

Can I bid via email? (Or phone, fax or US Mail?)
Sure you can. Go to the Contact Us page for all that contact information. You can download a bid form on the Forms Page. More details at CaroDesert.com on the Auction #1 page.

Are there minimum bids for the plants?
Yes, all plants have a minimum bid. You can view the Plant List, or download it from www.CaroDesert.com.

How do I pay?
If you are bidding via phone, email, fax or US Mail, you will need to pay in advance. We accept all major credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.) We accept checks and US currency too.

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Welcome to the Caro Desert.

We live in the Rocky Mountains of southwestern Colorado. The elevation is 7,000 feet. Perhaps not your normal cactus & succulent growing environment, but our greenhouses provide all the protection from the cold (thanks to some nice heaters.)

The intensity of the sun is really strong up here, and the plants really seem to like that. We have grown plants in Glendale and Lancaster California, and we are experiencing the best growth up here in Durango.

As some of the photos on this page will illustrate, the conditions are different here in Colorado than we were used to in California. Enjoy the photos.

Rene & Patty

Photos of Colo



Auction #1
October 11th, 2008 in Southern California. Click Here to find out more.

Phone, fax and email bids are welcome.

Copiapoa Cluster
Copiapoa cinerea
This plant is up for bid in Auction #1

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Auction #2
Time and place to be determined. Will likely be in Spring 2009 in Southern California.

Phone, fax and email bids are welcome. Find out how - click here.

Salmon Cactus Flower
Echinocereus sheerii
This plant will be up for bid in Auction #2.

All photos: Rene Caro



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